25 Acting Exercises to Heal from Childhood Abuse

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About Me

Stefanie Auerbach Stolinsky, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist who has a private practice in Beverly Hills. She can be reached at (310) 788-3436.

Dr. Stolinsky concentrates her practice on treating individuals, groups, and couples, addressing relationship issues and issues pertaining to trauma and abuse.

These stress disorders include: acute stressors — violence, domestic and work upheaval, sexual harrasment, as well as past traumas such as, sexual and physical child abuse.

In her practice she combines drama, acting, and performing, with a unique style of psychotherapy.

Stolinsky has been a noted speaker for more than ten years on all aspects of abuse and trauma. Her training seminars have included talks on “Aftereffects of Child Abuse”,”Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking”, and “How to Find a Good, Ethical Therapist.”

In addition, Dr. Stolinsky teaches the licensing examinations to mental health candidates in Psychology and Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. She also regularly taught at the California Graduate Institute and the Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills.

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