Act It Out

  • Publisher: Praeclarus Press
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9854180
  • Available Formats: Trade Size
25 Acting Exercises to Heal from Childhood Abuse

This completely original book helps you uncover your trauma by peeling away the onion rings of emotion to discover what happened to you, your feelings then, your feelings now, and how the trauma effects you today. This safe, self-guided recovery method for adult survivors gives you step-by-step acting exercises, to act your way to success in your own theater for healing.

Now, in your own “theater for healing”, you can act your way into becoming yourself–and finding the success you deserve. If you experienced abuse when you were a child, any abuse or trauma, you know that you’re not “cured” when you become an adult. Trying not to think about it doesn’t make it go away and symptoms, such as difficulty experiencing emotions or feelings, or difficulty being “yourself,” may linger on. In Act It Out , Stefanie Stolinsky, Ph.D., using the same methods that actors use to unblock emotions in order to play their roles,helps survivors uncover buried feelings,and begin to deal more directly with the symptoms of earlier traumas, so that they can step into their real roles in life. Dr. Stolinsky presents these methods in a series of safe, simple, and creative exercises, which can be practiced at one’s own pace without becoming overwhelmed or frightened. You can contact the author at stolinsky@prodigy. net or call her at (310) 788-3436

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Stefanie Auerbach Stolinsky’s book, Act It Out, is a creative addition to established treatment for adult survivors of childhood abuse. This set of experiential exercises — based on the author’s acting training and experience — offer another way for those with unhealed trauma to explore their memories and associated feelings to a point of completion and resolution. The use of web-based videos adds a distinctive dimention that illustrates the author’s approach. A unique contribution! — Christine A. Courtois, Ph.D., ABPP, Psychologist Courtois & Associates, Washington, DC, Author, The Treatment of Complex Trauma (with Julian Ford), Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors in Therapy, Revised Edition

Engrossing. Informative. — Journal of Psychiatry

4 Star Review: “Children who have survived physical, emotional, or sexual abuse often have trouble finding and maintaining loving, trusting relationships. Here, licensed psychologist Stolinsky balances background information with stories, effectively illustrating (but not sensationalizing) the horrors of child abuse. In her clinical practice, the author, a former actress, found that her patients benefited from using acting exercises that create and explore different environments. These same methods allow abuse survivors to explore their feelings, as well as “some of the moments, sounds, sights, objects, and feelings” connected to the psychologically terrifying experiences that damaged them. Brief, informative analyses of symptoms and their relationships are offered. Clearly written for a lay audience, this book respectfully and gently treats a difficult topic. “Readers will appreciate the author’s obvious effort and concern. Highly recommended.” — Library Journal, August 2002

“Dr. Stolinsky’s Act It Out is one of those rare thoroughly readable psychological literary works. Any therapist who works with the sexually abused or any survivor of sexual abuse will want this book by their side.” — Kara L. Cross, Ph.D., forensic psychologist, Psychological Assessment for Professional Pilots

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